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Dancing a New Narrative

I had recently applied to grad school for an MFA in Choreography. When asked to write a statement of intent, I knew that was my chance to finally put language to the embodied liberation that unfolded for me as I was coming to grips with my non-binary and Vietnamese-American identity. I though it would be nice to share my brief introduction:

"Assigned “boy” at birth, but gifted with the intuition to reach for a dress at 5 years old, I have long felt misunderstood because my desires did not fit the assumptions society imposed on me. But when I discovered dance, a new narrative unfolded. My body was no longer a label, but rather a portal to possibilities, a multidimensional and harmonious ecosystem of microbes, memories, and desires. I don’t feel constrained by the muscles and skeleton of my body because I can still be soft and elegant like the princess I have always wanted to be. Dance is ephemeral--always in flux. The binary of masculinity and femininity flows through me so quickly you can’t name it before it transforms again. Even my childhood trauma, which can feel impossibly stagnant, moves through me either as I hold those vibrational memories in my arms or as I release that effort in a contraction. I search for those choreographies, those aches in our bones, that teach us to reimagine how queer people of color can feel unashamedly embodied."


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